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Colfax County Community Wildfire Protection Plan

Colfax County is working with several entities to write an update of the 2008 Colfax County Community Wildfire Protection Plan (CWPP).  A CWPP prepares communities to work together with the plan as a road map for responding to natural disaster challenges. A CWPP update for Colfax County is urgently needed because the currently existing plan from 2008 is outdated and the forest lands in Colfax County are among the most at-risk of wildfire in the state.

Goals of the Project:

  • ​Work collaboratively with the community and stakeholders

  • Determine priority actions and projects to advance Colfax County's wildfire resilience

  • Identify assets available in the community to prepare for and deal with wildfire

  • Create a diverse team of stakeholders to carry out the plan

  • Describe progress that has been made to prepare for wildfire since the previous CWPP was written in 2008.

  • Identify "Communities at-risk" and determine their risk from wildfire

  • Update the delineation of the Wildland Urban Interface where homes and infrastructure are at risk of wildfire

Click on the button below to download the 2022 CWPP document.

Creating fire adapted communities through planning and preparedness.

​The planning process was led by the Cimarron Watershed Alliance, Forest Stewards Guild, and Ecotone Landscape Planning, LLC in close collaboration with the New Mexico Forestry Division. Many thanks is due to the Core Team for their participation and insight.


​Using a collaborative process, the plan update relies on the strengths and knowledge of residents and professionals in the area to better prepare the landscape and communities of Colfax County for wildfire and post-wildfire hazards. This CWPP will improve fire adapted community resilience by increasing awareness of wildfire risk across Colfax County and by establishing a framework for collaboration and implementation around wildfire preparedness, response, and recovery.

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Fire Adapted New Mexico Learning Network, Building Wildfire Resilience

Link to the 2008 Colfax County CWPP

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